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English vocabulary from meetings of thursday morning…

>>> Our first student presentations


since/for my last project
we think at furniture (to think about/of)
I am interesting me at… (interested in)
I want associate A with B (I want to associate…)
For my three year (…third year)
It’s the same of toys (the same as…)
It’s too much simple (too simple)
A set of construction, who interests me (…which/that…)
It’s different of the traditional method (different from)
a screenshot who is… (that is…)
there is two weeks… (two weeks ago…)
the three more important movies (most important)
the important is (the important thing is)


a summary / a recap
for example / such as… / for instance
a costume / a disguise
supple / flexible
short stories / novellas / novels
installation / set-up
humbly / modestly
infinite / finite
a narrative
a commemorative plaque

sense vs. meaning vs. the senses
a degree vs. a diploma
a relation vs. a relationship
a rug vs. a carpet
a genie vs. a genius
memory vs. souveirs
(personal memories, collected memories, collective memory)
short-time vs. long-term memories
fleeting memories vs. permanent memories
or substantial memories
memory mapping
to tape / to record
a recording
the inverse way –> the other way around / the opposite / vice-versa

to concept –> to design / to conceptualize
to take … into account
to be willing to…
“to come up with the right environment…”
to take action / to make your move / to get going
to look alike

a contest / a competition
a range of furniture
a special surface creates friction and prevents sliding
a puzzle, a brain-teaser
a bookcase
a seat / a bench / a seating unit
a coatrack
a toybox
a partition / a separation
a layer
the study phase
a rough draft
the final product
hubs and armature
(Children’s construction games: Lincoln Logs, Meccano, Lego, etc.)
to build a fort
to be cast / moulded (e.g., cast iron, moulded plastic)
What is it made of?
foam rubber
common / usual / everyday objects
pronunciation trouble:
assemblage / to assemble
a principle
a basis
immersed in

(n.) (adj.)
D depth deep
H height high
W width wide
L length long

Markers for a presentation :

First of all, / Firstly,
Secondly, Thirdly,
Lastly, / Finally,

>>> Our second set of student presentations

I choosed a location –> I chose a location
a place who is dominated by hedomism (…that is / …which is…)
so I take/toke another look –> so I took…
they realized a project –> they carried out / created a project
I worked about time –> I worked on time
to escape on everyday life –> to escape from…
a third-year diploma –> a third-year degree
I made a critic –> I criticize / to give criticism ( a ‘critic’ is a person; a ‘critique’ is a review)
to make something right vs. to do something right
there were three textures different –> …three different textures
it was to afraid people –> …to frighten / to scare people; to make people afraid
I want to learn people… –> I want to teach people…
You have to take attention to…  …to pay attention to…
He wanted to make an experience –> …to make an experiment
The word passed among neighbors –> The word spread among neighbors
To write a memory –> to write a thesis
If someone said you to come…–> If someone told you to come
People sit under the tree, on the floor. –> …on the ground
I’m interested by this –> I’m interested in this
To do the people feel better –> to make the people feel better


the seller: the salesperson / the street vendor (e.g., an ice-cream vendor)
A Dose of Wonder
Transgressive Pleasures
Letting Go (lacher prise)
Oddities (bizzareries)
The Ringleader (M. Loyal)
The MC / Master of Ceremonies / the host
The village elder / the story-teller / the bard
my thesis statement / the main issue / focus / angle of approach (problematique)
fleeting time
a skyline
sparkling or still water?
‘fizzy’ / carbonated
harmful items and remedies (harmful = nocif)
disposable items
a lamp-post
a railing
effervescent medication
a case / a container / a locker (un casier)
a crack (une fissure)
a vacation / a holiday
(a ‘vacancy’ is an available space)
a headache / toothache / footache / backache / heartburn vs. heartache
a poster / a billboard or a hoarding
an ad / an advert / an advertisement
a public service announcement
a bus shelter / a kiosk
a firm / a company
novices / laypeople
an ulterior motive
district / area / neighborhood
urban furnishings
a parking space / to look for a parking space
a parking lot / a carpark
The Big Bad Wolf
The boogey man is going to get you!

What have you got in your purse / pocketbook / handbag / backpack?
a lighter, a can of mace, rolling papers, a pack of cigarettes, mints / candies, coins, a ‘slug’, tissues, a handkerchief, etc…

NIMBY – ‘Not in my back yard!’

People can get some exercise:
pull-ups, dips, squat thrusts, push-ups, pull-ups, etc.
an obstacle course, training course or circuit
to get a work-out, to wear gloves, to use a mat, etc.
to be athletic

to remind / to remember
to rework / to revise / to modify
to entertain someone
to follow a lead
to advertise
to glimpse / to perceive / to make out
to commission a design project
to lose your way
to take possession of / to appropriate


laugh / laughter
an observation
bubble gum
a dictator

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